I guess ill do this thing. These are 4 selfies i havent posted before plus 1 i already have. I dont really take pictures of myself so it took me a while to find all these. The first one is of me and my neighbors dog abu. Then the next one is me in the library when i discovered my computer had a camera button hotkey. The next is of me in the library (again) except this time the sun is directly behind me. The second to last one is of roks and i dressed up for spirit week for homecoming i think and the last is of me being lame and putting flowers in my beard.

Anyways if you get tagged in this post 6 pictures of yourself. I know i didnt but thats cuz i dont have more than 6 that i havent posted before molly-ringwald white-ishwater lewleeew cconflictedandcconfused